Thursday, 20 July 2017

Summer Holiday Links and Ideas

The long summer holiday is almost here, and some parents may be wondering about the kinds of activities available to keep children entertained, amused and occupied.

Bannockburn is running its own Summer Play Scheme this year, which many of the children will be attending. If you haven't been allocated a place there are lots of alternatives around the Local Area.

The first place to look is here, at the Greenwich Local Offer website, which has links to things to do in the borough.

Home Start Greenwich runs lots of trips and events over the summer, and information can be found here in the 'Activities & Events' section. A timetable for each of their centres can be accessed here.

For older children who are interested in Theatre and Performance, Greenwich and Lewisham's Young People's Theatre has a programme of summer workshops which you can view here.

Links to other local summer play-schemes are listed here.

Hope everyone has a lovely summer and if you're staying at home, then here is a great list of Boredom Buster activities ...

But remember, it is also ok for children to (occasionally) experience boredom - it's a great way to let their minds wander, and to encourage their creativity.

Year 6 Reward Trip - Bouncy Castles & Ice-Cream

Based upon their excellent attendance throughout their time here at Bannockburn a group of Year 6 pupils were selected to spend the day at Broadford Primary School, Romford, Essex. The children spent the day enjoying themselves on the bouncy castles. There was even an ice-cream van on site for everyone to have an ice-cream!

100% throughout the whole year

What an achievement! All these pupils have managed to attend school every single day this academic year, regardless of rain, wind or feeling a bit poorly. Congratulations!

High Street Site

Manor Way Site

Bastille Day celebrations at Manor Way

To celebrate Bastille Day, on Friday 14th July the children at Manor Way took part in a day of fun-filled cross-curricular French activities.

The day started with le petit dejeuner (un jus d'orange et un croissant) and continued with a quiz au sujet de la France. We even had Madame Ansell present the Friday Achievement Assembly in fluent français, to allow us the chance to listen to authentic French speaking. 

Then over the course of the day classes took part in variety of workshops with their professeurs, such as Mime, Découpage, Eiffel Tower building and Perfume sampling. Classes also went outside to play games such as Pétanque, Ballon Château and Jeux de Beret. 

At lunchtime, we had the chance to order our dinner such as quiche and petits pois in French and the special invitees to the Bannockburn Bistro had a very special serveuse to wait on them. Each year group also learnt a chanson too during a special French Singing assembly.

"I loved French Day - it was so fun doing all the different activities, especially Miming" - Year 5 pupil.

"The breakfast was delicious and I enjoyed trying to speak French with the ladies in the dining hall" - Year 4 pupil.

"French Day was brilliant - I loved seeing the children so engaged in their learning and using their language skills." - Teacher